The Concacaf Qualifiers made Mexico rethink many things, however, the character of its players and the experience of Gerardo Martino made the team achieve its goal: to qualify for Qatar 2022. Now, it is time to focus on achieving the best possible participation in the great soccer tournament.

It seems that while it has struggled in recent times to qualify, El Tri's real challenge is not to reach the World Cup but to overcome its demons once inside. There is one in particular that has plagued them for the past seven editions: the Round of 16 match.

It has become a painful tradition in Mexico to predict that no matter what happens, their national team will qualify for the World Cup, advance from the group stage, and eventually fall in the fourth match. It is this symptom that Martino and his boys want to eradicate once and for all.

Mexico's plan to be a protagonist in Qatar 2022

According to TV Azteca's insider David Medrano, the Mexican Soccer Federation has already created a plan to take its National Team into the optimal shape to face the upcoming FIFA World Cup to be held from November 20 to December 18. 

The only way for a team to improve its skills and effectiveness is through training and testing what has been trained. In soccer, this means playing matches, and this is exactly the idea for Mexico. Medrano leaked that there is a 10 game plan for El Tri to arrive at the World Cup sharp as a Swiss razor. 

So far, only 3 of the ten matches for Martino's team are already known. The first one will be against Guatemala in April in Orlando, and the other ones are part of the Concacaf Nations League. The rest are still unknown but the rumor of Mexico clashing against top South American rivals such as Argentina and Brazil in the US in September is gaining momentum.