After almost one year, Dani Alves is entering the final stages of what will be his rape case for allegations that the former Barcelona star was arrested for in January 2023. Alves has given at least four different versions of the night in question, while the victim has maintained her version of the events after pressing charges on January 2, 2023.

The victim maintains, and informed police, that a waiter at the Spanish night club took her to meet Alves in the VIP area, Alves twice made her touch his genitals against her will, then ordered her to follow him into the nightclub’s bathroom, when she declined Alves prevented her from leaving the bathroom.

According to the victim Alves threw her onto the ground, slapped her, tried to force her to fellate him, put her against the sink, then moved her to the toilet, and raped her.

Nine years is what prosecutors will look for in Dani Alves case

Dani Alves has denied the incident occurred as stated, he has claimed that the sex was consensual, but has not been able to stick to one straight story while in prison.

Spanish prosecutors want a nine-year prison sentence and to pay the victim as high as $160,000 in damages. Alves would also be placed on a 10-year probation after he serves his prison term if found guilty.

Since his arrest, where he has spent ten months in prison awaiting trial due to being considered a flight risk, the 40-year-old had his contract with Liga MX side Pumas terminated, officially ending one of soccer’s best careers.