Darwin Nuñez and Pep Guardiola were at the center of the most controversial moment in the highly anticipated showdown between Manchester City and Liverpool in the Premier League. The game ended 1-1 at Etihad Stadium, but no one expected a fight when the match was over.

Moments after the final whistle, Guardiola approached to greet Jurgen Klopp. Up to that point, everything seemed normal following the draw. Suddenly, Nuñez appeared abruptly to confront the Spanish coach and exchange some words.

Pep Guardiola can be seen really surprised as the Uruguayan goes at him about some situation that occurred during the match. The striker even points out to the locker room as if he was challenging the coach to follow him. Klopp has to embrace Darwin to calm him down, although the forward continues shouting at Pep.

In the end, Darwin Nuñez leaves the field visibly upset, while Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp stay chatting in the bench area and even share a laugh. However, at least in the game broadcast, the reason for the conflict was never seen.

What happened between Darwin Nuñez and Pep Guardiola?

During the match, there was never a direct encounter or any conversation between Darwin Nuñez and Pep Guardiola. Even when the Uruguayan forward was substituted in the 85th minute, television cameras did not capture a possible initial confrontation.

The intriguing part is that Guardiola clearly doesn’t understand why Nuñez confronted him. However, the reality is that the forward is visibly angry and points his finger toward the dressing room.

Certainly, in the post-match press conferences, the reason for the exchange of words could be clarified by one of the involved parties, or perhaps by Jurgen Klopp. As expected, the sequence is already viral on social media.