Eden Hazard is getting ready for his fourth season at Real Madrid, and for the most part his time at the club has been a disappointment. The talented midfielder has been hit with injuries in each of his three seasons, playing a total of 66 games in three years.

Even with a lot of transfer talks surrounding the talented former Chelsea star, Hazard has stuck it out and refused moves in favor of making it work at Real Madrid. Despite his lack of playing, it has been seen as a sign of ‘fight for the cause’ and Real Madrid have kept Hazard on the squad.

Now in preseason in the United States and feeling ready to truly showcase his talents to the Real Madrid fans, Eden Hazard spoke to ESPN about what he’d change in the sport of soccer if it was up to him.

Eden Hazard not a fan of VAR

When asked by the ESPN reporter what he’d change about soccer, Eden Hazard was quick to point out VAR.  One of the main reasons he’d like to see VAR removed entirely is because “referee mistakes are a part of the sport” and when players celebrate a goal, “we are waiting (for VAR review), and we miss a bit of the happiness when you score a goal”.

Despite dealing with a lot of injuries Hazard has won 4 championships with the Spanish giants and off the pitch was a part owner of the third division North American team San Diego 1904 FC until the club was dissolved in 2021.