The Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid matchup is referred to as the "Madrid Derby" since both teams are from Madrid. The word was formerly used to describe solely matches in the Spanish league, but currently, it is used to apply to any encounter between the two teams (UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, etc.).

Madrid's derby has always been a memorable occasion, even when it wasn't because the outcome was so obvious. There is a slew of interesting anecdotes, as well as peculiarities dating back to their first meeting, the first of a total of 228 encounters so far.

The renowned Santiago Bernabeu, whose name lives on in the name of the stadium where Real Madrid play to this day, was shortly a member of the Colchoneros from 1920 to 1921. Many players these days have links to both teams. While Simeone brought Marcos Llorente over from their cross-town rivals in 2019, the Whites goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois made his La Liga debut for Atletico Madrid back in 2011.

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid: How did the Madrid derby begin?

There has been a long-standing rivalry between the two clubs since the early twentieth century. After Athletic Bilbao's Copa del Rey Final victory against Real Madrid in 1903, a group of Basque students formed Atletico Madrid as an offshoot of Bilbao. The city's dominant football club, Madrid Foot-Ball Club, was formed in 1902 by the amalgamation of many minor clubs that had already vanished. As a result of acquiring the top players from the teams, it did not absorb, Real Madrid went out of business as they were no longer able to compete with the Whites.

Due to the financial support of Athletic Bilbao, Athletic Club Madrid (established in 1903) became the final fight against the Madrid FC's dominance in the capital city, which was the exception to this trend. Fans of teams who had disbanded as a result of The Real (a royal recognition awarded by Real Madrid FC in 1920) switched allegiances to the Red-and-whites, fueling animosity against the other club and setting off the rivalry.

When it came to winning titles in the sporting arena, Real Madrid were always ahead of Athletic Madrid, even after they split from the Basque club. The association of Atletico with the military air force after World War II is a matter of debate, as is the regime's purported partiality toward the club. As a result, Atleti became the most successful club in Spain during this era, narrowing the historical gap between the two teams until Franco tried to capitalize on Real Madrid's repeated European Cup triumphs at a time when Spain was isolated globally.

How and when was the first ever Madrid Derby played?

There were a number of friendly and informal matches between Real Madrid and Atletico prior to the first known official match in the Campeonato Regional Centro, a 2-1 win for the white side of Madrid on December 2, 1906.

Through regional and national titles until 1928/29 when La Liga was founded with both teams as founding members, their rivalry became stronger. On February 24, 1929, Real Madrid's Chamartin stadium hosted their first match in the new championship. The home squad came out on top 2-1 thanks to two goals from striker Monchin Triana, who had just signed from Atletico Madrid a year before.