There's no denying that Stephen Curry is one of the most dominant and unstoppable scorers in NBA history. His ability to pull up from all over the court makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses, as well as his skills off-the-ball.

Curry is constantly moving. He never stops. He cuts, he goes back and forth, he slashes, he's always on the move. That's why he's always wide-open. And even when you actually manage to stay in front of him, he still finds the way to knock down a shot.

Therefore, opposing coaches always assign Curry the toughest, most physical defender they have. They double or triple-team him, and even try the box-and-one defense. Nothing seems to work, though.

Stephen Curry Lists The Toughest Defenders He's Faced In The NBA

But even so, there are a handful of players who do the better job of trying to keep Curry in check. Recently, the Warriors star about them during an interview with Dubs Talk, claiming that his brother Seth Curry is the most frustrating defender he's ever faced:

"Yes, and no. Jrue Holiday, Avery Bradley, Tony Allen when he was in the league. There are guys that have a knack for being in the right place in the right time, being physical, studying your game, and knowing your moves.

Never in my mind are you scared that they’re going to stop you. But at the same time, you gotta go harder that particular night or play a little smarter. Maybe like Pat Bev and the antics, you’ve gotta deal with that. But I think those guys exist and they get paid to defend the best guys in the league.

But Seth Curry is the one that frustrates me the most… In the playoffs, when he was in Portland, he literally had like four steals on me. He disarmed me a little bit, but he was literally everywhere and I couldn’t figure it out," Curry confessed.

Well, that makes sense. I mean, they literally grew up guarding each other day after day, year after year. So it's only natural to think that his younger brother Seth has him figured out and knows every single one of his moves.