The Los Angeles Lakers have a tough season ahead of them. Their roster is virtually the same as last season, so they're pretty much counting on Russell Westbrook figuring things out and Anthony Davis being healthy.

Darvin Ham comes with fresh ideas and is looking forward to the challenge. But last season's roster failed to perform on a nightly basis, and it's not like they got any better in the off-season. Their rivals got better, and they sure didn't.

That's why The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor believes James should wait before signing a contract extension. Moreover, he thinks LeBron should leave the Lakers if they fail to make the moves they need to compete.

Kevin O'Connor: LeBron Should Leave The Los Angeles Lakers If They Don't Improve The Roster

"If the Lakers don’t do everything they can to build a title contender around LeBron, or if they try to do so and fail, he should leave for basketball reasons," wrote O'Connor. "Family, business, and the joy that comes from living in Los Angeles might outweigh the desire to bolster his legacy in a new city. But there are still chapters to be written that involve him winning on the court."

"Fair or not, many people see James as a tier below Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate," added O'Connor. "The way he’s handling his closing years compared to Brady is one of the reasons. Jordan simply has more rings. Should LeBron really be slowing up as he nears the finish line when he still has gas left in the tank?

James' legacy is nearly unmatched, but leading four different franchises to championships would only make it even more impressive. Also, would he want to spend the sunset years of his career on a dysfunctional team that may be a perennial first-round exit?