Kelly Oubre Jr is trying to find his touch with the Golden State Warriors this season after being traded from the Phoenix Suns a couple of weeks ago. Oubre is expected to make a big impact on the Warriors this NBA season and although he’s struggled at it, he’s still a promising player. 

The swingman has more problems than 3-pointers this season, as he’s involved in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Makena LeDuff. Oubre has been involved in those battles before, suing LeDuff first in 2019, claiming she had stolen his two dogs. 

Now the player is trying to keep his name clean after LeDuff allegedly extorted him with $3 million or she would reveal some “dark secrets” about Oubre. Hence, the player is trying to save his reputation and his money with a lawsuit. 

Kelly Oubre says his ex-girlfriend tried to extort him out of $3 million 

A report from TMZ indicates that Oubre sued his ex-girlfriend LeDuff after the latter contacted him on Jan. 11 asking for $3 million or she would start a smear campaign to destroy the Warriors’ player’s reputation. 

Oubre -- a 6-year NBA vet who was a former 1st-round draft pick -- claims his ex, Makena LeDuff, contacted him on January 11, 2021, and demanded a large sum of money ... or she would retaliate against him.

"Makena demanded that Kelly her pay her nearly $3 million or she would make public her false, scurrilous, and extortionate allegations by the end of the week," the lawsuit reads.

The suit claims LeDuff contacted Oubre and threatened to say he was engaged in "criminal conduct" and make other false allegations ... all "crafted to cause maximum and irreparable harm to Kelly, his reputation, and his career."

Oubre says that he’s yet to get his dogs back and this situation has been so unbearable that he’s sued the girl again. This is a very unfortunate situation and no one knows how it will end for the player and the girl. 

Oubre has been struggling to find his best version with the Warriors and this thing won’t help him focus on what’s more important right now: basketball. He’s been under fire for his performances on the court and this can be more hurtful for him. He’s asking a judge to force Makena to pay for the property she supposedly damaged and give back his two dogs.