The game of basketball has come a long way. Everything has changed, everything is different and that's not necessarily a bad thing. From Bill Russell to Michael Jordan to today's NBA, evolution has been the only constant thing.

Some fans don't always seem to enjoy that. They're caught up in the past and believe that their days were the good old days. Others just enjoy the present and believe that former players were just plumbers.

The truth to that could be something in between. Then again, if you were to ask former NBA Champion Rasheed Wallace, he'd undoubtedly say that today's players were just too soft to thrive in his era.

Rasheed Wallace Says LeBron James And Kevin Durant Are Soft And Wouldn't Have Been As Good In His Era

In a recent interview for the Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the former Pistons star was asked whether some players would be "beast or soft" during his era, labeling both LeBron James and Kevin Durant as soft:

"He probably would’ve done good with his physical stature, with him being bigger than the majority of the rest of the players. So he probably would’ve held his own, but I don’t think he would be as successful as he is now. It’s a whole different era back then. I couldn’t necessarily say that he would’ve been a beast but I think he would’ve held his own," Wallace said of LeBron.

“In that era? No, I don’t think he would’ve had too much success. Now, he’s a monster. You have to look at it this way, back then, there were a lot of post-ups. Back then, the game was inside-out. Now, it’s outside-in," added Wallace on Durant.


In reality, there's just no way to know whether that would be true or not. Most likely, they would've adapted their game to the demands of the era. Talent never runs out of date and neither do skill, so players like them would've dominated in every single decade of basketball.

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