In the world of sports, there is a spot reserved for the greatest legends. Guys with a golden, immortal legacy, guys like 7-time NFL champion Tom Brady, the current quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Is there currently an NBA player at his level? Stephen Curry could be?

The current Golden State Warriors star is one of the biggest names in the NBA today. Obviously this would not have been possible without the 4 championships he has won in the last 7 years. A feat that ties him in that category with figures such as Shaquille O'Neal, Tony Parker and LeBron James.

However, at least in terms of league titles won, Stephen Curry is not on par with Tom Brady, who alone has won the NFL Super Bowl more times than any other player. If not in this category, in what other way might The Human Torch resemble the New England Patriots legend? Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins reveals it.

Why Stephen Curry is the NBA's Tom Brady

Kendrick Perkins' career gives him a legitimate opinion on what's going on in the world's best basketball league. The 2008 Boston Celtics champion and current ESPN analyst expressed his reasons for considering that if there is someone who could be considered the Tom Brady of the NBA, it is Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. 

"When I look at Steph Curry, I think of Steph Curry, as far as longevity-wise, could actually be the Tom Brady of the NBA... Because, when you look at Steph Curry, his game is not reliant on athleticism. He’s not a guy that has to dunk the ball. He’s not a guy that has to beat you with speed. He’s a guy that beats you with craftiness, his skillset, and, most importantly, his shooting. His shooting is not going anywhere no time soon", stated Perkins to ESPN.

From Kendrick Perkins' perspective, Stephen Curry's career may still have from eight to ten years of top quality. This could make it possible for him to achieve more feats to become NBA's GOAT, such as Brady has done in the NFL. Of course, The Golden Boy would also need to be surrounded by capable teammates to accomplish his goals.