The Milwaukee Bucks are one of the big favorites for the upcoming 2022-2023 NBA season, but so far they haven't added any special players to their roster and that is raising doubts about the offensive power that the team will have next season.

The Bucks won the 2021 NBA Championship after a little more than fifty years without winning a title. At the time, the Bucks were made up of a group of players similar to the ones they have on the roster today with minor exceptions.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the leader of the team and probably the best player in the league at the moment although there is a lot of discussion around that matter, but it is undeniable that Giannis is the fundamental piece of the Bucks for the upcoming season.

Why haven't the Milwaukee Bucks made any moves this 2022 offseason?

1. They do not have big assets to trade, even if they could sign a free agent, it is not necessary since the team has a strong roster.

2. The team will probably wait until the midseason deadline to make any important moves and look for new players to help the team reach the playoffs.

3. The team has remained remarkably healthy, with exceptions like Brook Lopez but they hoped he would recover and not look for a new center in the offseason.

4. Coaches are focused on improving aspects of the current roster and not adding players that interfere with their game style chemistry.

5. Middleton was injured but there is no need to look for a replacement for him as he will be healthy for the upcoming season.