There is no doubt that Kyle Hamilton is one of the top prospects in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft where he will surely be drafted faster than other players. Hamilton was a standout with Notre Dame at safety, he's a valuable player who could add a lot to any NFL team's defensive line.

In his last season with Notre Dame he injured his knee in what was a season ending injury, but Kyle played seven weeks with Notre Dame before the injury against USC. Hamilton's best season with Notre Dame was his first in 2019 with 27 solo tackles, 14 assists, 4 interceptions and a touchdown.

In the 2020 season he had 63 tackles and one interception, but the 2021 season was projected to be the best for him were it not for the injury, 34 total tackles and 3 interceptions. But despite the injury, the NFL teams consider Hamilton a top pick.

How serious was the knee injury suffered by the Notre Dame safety in 2021?

The injury kept him out of the 2021 regular season but he played seven games with Notre Dame, and Hamilton had to wait six weeks to recover and return to practice. About the injury, his college football coach, Brian Kelly, said at the time: “…it’s the connective fiber and tissue around the joint and in the knee that gets pinched or pulled and that’s the issue. It just has to heal it takes time…”

The mock drafts point to Kyle likely playing for the Commanders in the upcoming 2022 NFL season. Other franchises that could be interested in Hamilton are the Texans, Vikings and Falcons and any of those teams have 1st round picks.

What are Kyle Hamilton's pre-draft measurables?

His height is 6-4 (1.93) with a weight of 220 lbs (100kg) and arm length of 33 in (0.84m), Hamilton's hands are large at 9-1⁄8 (0.23m). In addition to having good size, weight and long arms with big hands, Hamilton’s 40-yard dash was fast at 4.59s and the 20-yard shuttle at 4.32s, finally his vertical jump to catch interceptions was 38.0 (0.97m).