Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs clash this Sunday in a very entertaining Divisional Round game that will see two interesting teams going at it for the right to play in the AFC Championship game. 

The Browns know they have a very good team with Baker Mayfield leading the way but they’ll have probably the best quarterback in the league in front of them, as well as the best team in the entire NFL in the regular season. 

The job won’t be easy but these Browns have demonstrated they can compete against anyone. However, they will probably need something extra to spot Patrick Mahomes and co. this Sunday.

NFL analyst reveals what the Browns need to do to beat Pat Mahomes 

Fortunately for the Browns, one NFL analyst has expressed how the team can get past Mahomes and beat him in the Divisional Round this weekend. Ryan Clark spoke about the Browns’ Sunday game and stated that he doesn’t believe they will actually stop Mahomes, but they can put some pressure on the quarterback. 

“You know it’s going to be difficult. It’s going to have to be a huge game of the front 4 of the Cleveland Browns. And we’ve watched them dominate games at times, especially Myles Garrett.

“But you have to get to Patrick Mahomes. I don’t expect them to stop Patrick Mahomes, I don’t expect this team to keep the Kansas City Chiefs under 28 points.”

“So then it falls on Baker Mayfield. Let’s go back to the one game that Patrick Mahomes lost this season.

“It wasn’t that the Las Vegas Raiders did a great job and passed defense early on in the game. But there was a stretch where they were creating turnovers, they were creating pressure.” 

The Raiders surprised the Chiefs during that game and that could be the formula the Browns need to replicate to defeat Mahomes. This guy has been on a tear this season and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon, which is why the Browns will have a very hard job to carry out this Sunday. 

“And Derek Carr was hitting big plays against the Kansas City Chiefs. Carr had 5 plays of over 40 yards in that game. And that’s what Baker Mayfield is going to have to do.

“Mayfield is going to have to stand across with Patrick Mahomes, understand that it can’t just be about running the football. He’s going to have to go toe-to-toe with him…”

“Defensively, you have to come up with a play, you have to come up with a turnover, you need to come up with a strip fumble.

“It’s not about stopping the Kansas City Chiefs the entire game, it’s about coming up in critical situational football moments and that’s going to be on the front 4 of the Cleveland Browns.”

They come from dominating the Steelers in the Wildcard round but this time the challenge will be considerably bigger. It’s going to be a great game but the Browns need to bring their A-Game to beat Mahomes and his incredible O-Line.