Even though the Cleveland Browns had a very good 2020/21 NFL season and most people think they can reach the next level with Odell Beckham Jr on the gridiron, not everybody is convinced that that wide receiver is going to return to the team. 

In fact, after he suffered a season-ending injury during the first weeks of the season, everybody claimed that he had played his last game with his second team in the league, after spending his first four years with the New York Giants

Now it looks like OBJ is on his way out of Cleveland and people have started to guess where he will go next. This NFL offseason is set to be a very entertaining one and if rumors are to be believed, we could see the talented wideout leaving his team and try his luck with another franchise. 

Odell Beckham Jr could join forces with Lamar Jackson

Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard recently made the case for OBJ to change teams this offseason, explaining how beneficial would be for Odell to play for a quarterback like Lamar Jackson and how things could change for the 2019 NFL MVP if he had a weapon like OBJ. 

“You know, Lamar Jackson needs a big-play receiver. And OBJ, you know, can make up for some bad throws by the quarterback, because we know he can go get the ball. And he also can turn a short route into a game-breaking play.

“So I would love to see OBJ It’s time for them to get Lamar the weapons we always talk about…I’d like to see Lamar, get a receiver like that before I say, ‘Oh, you know what, he can only hit the tight in, he can only throw it in the middle of the field’. So I think that would be a good one,” Broussard said on First Thing First. 

Broussard explored the possibility of Lamar and Beckham becoming the new Josh Allen and Steffon Diggs of the league. This could be a very good addition to the Ravens but it’s unclear if the Browns would deal the player to a divisional rival. It’s hard to see this happening but we’ve seen crazier things in this league. 

Last season, OBJ saw his career come to life with the surprising Browns and until his injury, he was having very good games with the franchise. Now it seems like the player will have to find another team some people think he can be the perfect addition to the Ravens.