Deshaun Watson surprised everybody last week when it was reported that he would probably request a trade from Houston Texans, his first and only team in the NFL. Watson was reportedly not happy with the way the Texans handled the new GM search and that changed something for the quarterback. 

Watson, 25, is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he showed that this season despite having a very poor offensive line. Now he could be on his way out of Houston and some teams have already been identified as potential destinations for the talented player. 

Moreover, there is one team that could offer a big package for Watson, even shipping another great quarterback to Houston to ease potential negotiations. One NFL reporter has named one team that could be interested in making a move for the Deshaun. 

Deshaun Watson could join San Francisco 49ers in a blockbuster quarterback swap deal 

Jason La Canfora recently revealed that a couple of NFL executives have thought about the same idea to get Watson out of Houston. That would involve the San Francisco 49ers and the player that took them to the Super Bowl last year, Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Garoppolo suffered two high-ankle sprains at the start of the season and he’s not returning until next season. The Niners said over and over again that they would continue their project with Garoppolo but now things could take an unexpected turn. 

“Had a few execs text me a similar trade concept regarding Texans should the situation with Watson go nuclear: Jimmy G plus several high picks for Watson. Caserio/Jimmy reunion. Gets Watson out of the AFC kinda like how Belichick wouldn't trade Jimmy within the AFC.”

Watson signed a 4-year extension with Houston last offseason and whoever gets him, will have a great quarterback, with a bright future for at least three years. It’s unclear if the Niners will pull the trigger on this move but it seems very appealing. The thing will be the Texans' willingness to accept that deal. 

Nothing is certain right now and this drama continues. Nobody knows when or how it will end but we’re learning about potential scenarios every single day.