Just when everybody in the NFL thought that they were finally safe from the New England Patriots, it seems like Bill Belichick had other plans. His team is once again at the top of the AFC East and looks like a huge contender right now.

Mac Jones and the Patriots are now winners of five games in a row. They started off the year 2-4 but their physical and disciplined defense has made them a legit threat to make the Super Bowl again.

That's why the Tennessee Titans will have a tough time bouncing back from their dud against the Houston Texans. Nonetheless, Belichick doesn't expect Mike Vrabel's team to be so sloppy and careless with the football two weeks in a row.

Patriots News: Bill Belichick Doesn't Expect The Titans To Be Sloppy Against Them

“They turned the ball over against the Texans, so that’s hard to count on,” Belichick told the media, as quoted by Josh Alper of NBC Sports. “That’s not what they do. I don’t think we’ll get that. They’re a tough, physical team. The backs run hard. They have a very experienced line. . . . They’re tough. They’re physical. They make you beat them. They don’t make many mistakes. They know what they’re doing. They’re sound. They’re a good, fundamental team. They tackle well. The backs and receivers run hard with the ball. The quarterback is athletic. Sound in the kicking game. We’re going to have to play a good football game in all three phases.”

Ryan Tannehill looked like the player he was under Adam Gase, and that's not great news for the Titans, especially considering they will face a Patriots team that dominated him when he played for the Dolphins.

The Titans have excelled against top-notch competition but they seem to struggle to keep up against bottom feeders. Now, the two best teams in the AFC will go to battle for the top spot in the conference.