Someone tell Urban Meyer that this is not the NCAA, we are in the National Football League and things are different here. The Jacksonville Jaguars are struggling with Meyer as head coach at 0-4 so far. But worst of all, Meyer doesn't know how to use Trevor Lawrence to win games.

After the last defeat during Thursday Night Football the criticism against him has not stopped, but the worst thing is that Meyer was photographed a couple of days ago dancing with a young woman in a bar. It seems like he was trying to relax after the last loss to the Bengals.

It is true, we should not get into the private life of Urban Meyer, but he is a head coach, and it is not well seen that during the season he goes out to party while his team is drowning in losses and everyone is witnessing how he wastes such a valuable resource as Trevor Lawrence.

The Urban Meyer video that caused controversy

It is a short video where you can see Mr. Meyer dancing with a 20 to 23 year old blonde college girl in a bar. The video was recorded by an anonymous person and somehow reached the internet. But there is not only a video, there are also photos with other college girls who attended the party.


All this gossip about him was reported by various news websites in the United States, especially in Florida where Urban Meyer is being harshly criticized for his poor results with the Jacksonville Jaguars. After everything came to light, Mr. Meyer had to speak to the press and apologize for his behavior.