The 2022 European World Cup Qualifiers were basically defined on March 29, 2022 with Path B and C second round final games. Most of the favorite European teams will play in Qatar 2022, after Wales confirmed its presence in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

But in Europe not everything was easy for some teams that were expected to qualify for the World Cup, one of those cases was Italy who lost in the second round despite playing well during most of the qualifiers.

There are no qualified underdogs, but there are a couple of teams like Switzerland and Denmark that weren't big favorites to qualify directly for Qatar but did so without having to play in the European Qualifiers playoffs.

European national teams qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Defending champions France qualified as big favourites, but Germany were also lethal in the group stage and earned their ticket to Qatar 2022 with unstoppable offensive power.

1. Serbia: They won group A with a 6-2-0 record and 20 points and knocked out Portugal who had to play in the second round.

2. Spain: The effort of the Spanish was great to dominate Group B with 6-1-1 and 19 points as Sweden fought against them for control of the standings.

3. Switzerland: Without a defeat in Group C the Swiss outplayed the Italians and won direct qualification to Qatar 2022 with 5-3-0 and 18 points.

4. France: The defending champions showed no mercy against their rivals in Group D and qualified for Qatar 2022 with 18 points, five wins and three points.

5. Belgium: Although Belgium's group was tough they eventually won the qualifcation over Wales and Czech Republic, the Belgians' record was 6-2-0 and 20 points.

6. Denmark: The Danes' qualification was relatively expected in Group F as they played other underdogs such as Israel, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Moldova and Austria. They won the group with 9-0-1 and 27 points.

7. Netherlands: Another big favorite returning to the World Cup was Netherland with absolute dominance in Group G, seven wins, two draws and only one loss with 23 points.

8. Croatia: The Croatian qualification was a bit easier after Russia was excluded from the qualifiers due to the war against Ukraine. Croatia's record in Group H was 7-2-1 and 23 points.

9. England: No losses, with 8 wins and only draws, England's record was almost perfect to qualify for Qatar 2022. The English outscored Poland by six points in the standings.

10. Germany: After a bad world cup in Russia, the Germans qualify for Qatar 2022 hoping to dominate as favorites and win the trophy.

11. Poland: The victory against Sweden 2-0 in the playoffs (second round) gave access to the world cup to the Poles, they could not qualify directly because Group I was dominated by England.

12. Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo did everything possible for his team to qualify for Qatar 2022, they had to play in the second round and won the semi-final against Turkey 3-1 and the final against North Macedonia 2-0.

13. Wales: After two intense matches in the European Qualifiers Playoffs in which they knocked out uncomfortable opponents such as Austria and Ukraine, Gareth Bale and company managed to break 64 years of malaria by qualifying their country to the second World Cup in its history.

The list of Europeans teams qualified to play in Qatar 2022:

  1. Serbia
  2. Spain
  3. Switzerland
  4. France
  5. Belgium
  6. Denmark
  7. Netherlands
  8. Croatia
  9. England
  10. Germany
  11. Poland
  12. Portugal
  13. Wales