The 2022 NBA Draft is about to get started and hundreds of prospects are thrilled to hear their names selected by one of the teams. In this list of amateur players, there's one that grabs the attention of the fans because of his family name: Scotty Pippen Jr.. His dad was an absolut legend for the Chicago Bulls, but can he keep up to his father's legacy?

This year has some special and familiar names such as Shareef O'Neal, Ron Harper Jr., AJ Griffin, among others. Those players will try to get a place in the NBA to continue with the legacy of their fathers; such as Scotty with his dad, who has a slight difference in his name: Scottie Pippen.

The six-time NBA Champion wrote his name in the history books and it is a living legend for the Chicago Bulls. His son, Scotty, declared for the 2022 Draft with 21 years old in a bold move by him. He played in college for Vanderbilt and was named 2× First-team All-SEC (2021, 2022) and SEC All-Freshman Team (2020).

Will Scotty Pippen Jr. get drafted?

Leaving the bloodline aside, it is unlikely that Scotty Pippen Jr. gets drafted. Despite his remarkable SEC performance, the NBA is a whole different level of competition. With a 6-foot-1 height, the recruiters are doubtful about his difficulties to succeed as he has not proven that there's an uncommonly skill that could make teams forget about his size. There's no mock draft that puts the son of the legend in the league this year.