You know Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players on Earth because the Brooklyn Nets are gladly putting up with Kyrie Irving as well. As talented and impactful as he is, they'll only re-sign him to keep Durant happy.

The hard truth is that Irving was nothing but a distraction this season and he hasn't been there when they've needed him. He had already been one last year when he went AWOL for 'personal reasons' which turned out to be his sister's birthday. 

He even cited the lack of chemistry as an issue during their failed playoff run, as if he wasn't the one who missed more than half of the season. Now, he's eligible to sign a massive contract extension and while the Nets will welcome him back, they'll also set the record straight.

ESPN: Brooklyn Nets Want No Drama The Upcoming Season

“People I’ve spoken to in Brooklyn have a pretty resounding message; We need to get back to the Brooklyn Nets culture," reported Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN. "We need to get back to this blue-collar, we’re from Brooklyn this is how they built that team in the first place. Can’t have drama, there can be no drama this year."

"There can be no situations that they got themselves in this year especially. They want to reset the culture," Shelbourne added. "Easier said than done. How do you do that? That is an organizational decision of ‘this is what we want to do’. But how they enact it going forward is going to be fascinating to watch.”

That means that both Kyrie and Ben Simmons will have to get serious. It's either basketball or nothing. It has to be what comes first, second, and last. All hoops. All day. If that doesn't work for them, then they shouldn't be on the team.

The Nets have untapped potential. They can be the most dominant team in the league by a long stretch. But they need to put their massive egos aside and remember the only reason they're millionaire is that they're very, VERY good at basketball, so they need to... actually play.