Not every young player can be like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, or even Damian Lillard. For some, it takes some time before they prove why they made it to the league in the first place, while others seem ready out of the gate.

That's why fans and analysts should think twice before calling young players busts. Even Kobe Bryant and John Stockton needed time before stepping over and putting together Hall of Famer careers.

With that in mind, we'll take a look at three young players that were expected to make a bigger impact in their rookie season, hoping they take a step forward and silence their critics in their second year in the league.

NBA News: 3 Second-Year Players Looking To Bounce Back In 2022-23

3. Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga's athleticism is off the charts, and he did have some interesting passages in his first season. However, some expected him to have a more significant role, and he averaged roughly 9.3 points per game.

The Golden State Warriors will be thinner at both forward spots next season, and Kuminga will likely take as many minutes as his body can handle. So, expect him to put up somewhere near 15+ points and 6+ rebounds per game on nearly 50% shooting.

2. Jalen Suggs

Jalen Suggs drew comparisons to Jason Kidd during his days in Gonzaga, and some deemed him the best playmaker in his class. Unfortunately, he struggled with offensive inefficiency and injuries throughout his rookie campaign.

The Orlando Magic will now have a secondary playmaker in Paolo Banchero. That should take plenty of pressure off Suggs' shoulders and get him more open shots. If he stays healthy, we're looking at 8+ assists per game in year two.

1. Cam Thomas

Some claimed that Cam Thomas could be the biggest steal of the Draft. He's a gifted scorer that can create his shot from all three levels, and even Kevin Durant has had plenty of praise for his God-given talents.

The Brooklyn Nets will put the ball on his hands more often in year two, especially with Durant out of the picture. He shot a horrid 27% from the floor. We expect his efficiency and scoring averages to trend up to 16+ PPG as he gets more touches.