Tom Brady will always be remembered as one of the greatest players in NFL history, so he knows how to identify the upcoming talents. After his retirement, the legend has revealed his favorite four quarterbacks of the next generation.

In each era, there's tons of great players, but only a few can get into the elite. Tom Brady is definitely one of them. He won seven Super Bowl rings and there are multiple milestones with his name on them that may seem unreachable for anyone.

But now that the former Patriots and Buccaneers player is retired, there's space for young quarterbacks to fight for Brady's throne. He even has selected his favorite prospects in order to do so.

Tom Brady shares his favorite next-generation quarterbacks

A new era has started in the NFL. Tom Brady has retired and his legend will live forever. He is one of the best quarterbacks in history of the league, but now it's time for the young players to try to dominate as he did.

Brady knows perfectly well that there could be someone who takes his place soon. Recently, the former quarterback revealed his favorites to do so by admitting that they have the huge talent to help the NFL grow.

"I hope these other guys like Patrick (Mahomes) can play a long time," Brady said on his "Let’s Go!" podcast. "And Jalen (Hurts) can play a long time. And Josh (Allen) and Joe Burrow and these tremendous players that bring so much.''

For most fans, these names Brady gave are no surprise. These four quarterbacks have completely changed the image of their teams and are set to become great players, but will one of them be as successful as he was?