The Super Bowl is a special US football match that is played every year for the champion of the NFLNamed after the first coach to win a Super Bowl, the best player in the National Football Conference faces the best in the American Football Conference to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It's a very special event for most American football fans.

The teams with the most Super Bowl wins are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, each with six victories. The San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys are currently tied for second-most wins with five Super Bowls.

Four of the eight teams that competed in the Super Bowl have participated more than one time in the final game. Ever since the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018, there have been 12 NFL teams who have not won the Super Bowl at all in the competition's history.

12. Houston Texans

The newest franchise in the NFL are the Texans. Despite some growing misery in the first nine years of their history, the Texans were the top team in the NFL's AFC South division in the 2010s, although they have yet to participate in the Super Bowl.

In January 2020, the Houston Texans endured a crushing loss for the Kansas City Chiefs, who later became Super Bowl King for the first time in 50 years. Although it was the Chiefs' turn to enjoy this momentous day, the Houston Texans will have to wait for their chance again.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jaguars entered the NFL in 1995 along with the Carolina Panthers. He is a team of 4 that never appeared in a Super Bowl. Jacksonville. In 1996, 1999, and 2017, they played at the AFC Championship.

The Jaguars went to a dysfunctional mess in just two seasons from the backdoor to the Super Bowl. In the 2017 season, the upstart Jaguars had a 10-point advantage in the AFC Championship against New England Patriots. They lost, though, and have not been the same since then.

10. Detroit Lions

Before the creation of the Super Bowl in the 1966 season, the Lions won four NFL Championships. The Detroit Lions not only didn't win a Super Bowl, but they are also the only team to have participated without ever having played a single Super Bowl every season.

9. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns have won eight championships: four in the AAC and four in the NFL. The Browns are one of the four existing teams of which they never appeared in the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl era amid eight professional titles.

This is not that the Browns have been attempted to appear at the Super Bowl, as they have gotten close five times so far.

8. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have come to the Super Bowl in the 1994 season, but against Steve Young's 49ers were an 18.5-point underdog. So San Francisco did not get away, 49-26. It was also no great surprise. However, for the Chargers, this loss had to punch.

7. Tennessee Titans

The Titans were just a game away from their first Super Bowl and it was a heartbreaker. They were trailing the Rams 23-16, and they were behind Kévin Dyson in the red zone late in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl XXXIV since 1999.

It seemed like Dyson had Mike Jones beat him for a victory, but Jones stopped him shy of the goal line.

6. Arizona Cardinals

In 2008, the Cardinals won an NFC West record 9-7 before knocking off the Eagles in the NFC championships. They have passed the Falcons and Panthers. The Cardinals won their first outing to a Super Bowl. With a long touchdown from Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals took a late lead in Super Bowl XLIII.

However, the Steelers got the ball and the gamblers were led by Ben Roethlisberger, with a circus grab of Santonio Holmes in the final zone. They won the Steelers, 27-23.

5. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers belong to one of the five clubs that shattered Tom Brady's and the Patriots' Super Bowl hopes. It was in 2004 that they lost in New England from 32-29 in the first Super Bowl team bid. With just over a minute left to play, Jake Delhomme managed to bind things up with a Ricky Proehl touchdown throw. But the Playoff king, Brady, has put the Patriots inside the arena. With just four seconds remaining in the clock, Adam Vinatieri won it.

After the end of 2015, 15-1 and closing the top seed of the NFC, the Panthers were given another opportunity. The Broncos dropped thanks to the defense of Super Bowl 50 MSP by Von Miller and the company, which had sacked Cam Newton six times in Denver's 24-10 victory, and recovered three fumbles.

4. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons had one of the largest defeats in the history of the Super Bowl when they blew a 25-point result in the Patriots of Super Bowl LI. In comparison, they were responsible for the almost non-stop Vikings, who finished in the NFC Championship for season 15-1, in 1998.

But then Eugene Robinson, who broke up what's going to be a game-winning touchdown to Randy Moss in the 30-27 victory over Minnesota, was arrested the night before the Broncos crushed Atlanta, 34-19.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have been in the Super Bowl for a while so their fans will still feel hard for the 49ers. In every appearance, San Francisco defeated the Bengals. The beginning of the Joe Montana Bill Walsh legacy was Super Bowl XVI in San Francisco after the 1981 season. The Bengals were defeated 26-21.

Seven years later, the teams were again challenged by Super Bowl XXIII. In the fourth quarter, Niners trailed 16-13 as Montana powered an 85-yard run, ending with a Jerry Rice Touchdown to win for 20-16.

2. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills are one of the two clubs to feature and lose in four Super Bowls. They are the only club that participates in four Super Bowl consecutive and defeats all four. They've seen their team endure a terrible 20-19 defeat in the first-ever Super Bowl franchise appearance since the 1990 season when Scott Norwood's triumphant field goal trial went well.

This is their only close Super Bowl showdown. The Cowboys crushed them, from 52-17 to 30-13, in Super-Bowls back and forth. They lost to DC 37-24, in 1992.

1. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings came one game shy of having another Super Bowl run to their 2018 list. Nick Foles and the Eagles came out of contention with their 38-7 beatdown in the NFC Championship, denying the Vikings an opportunity to be the first team to host the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

The Vikings' four Super Bowl displays have not been especially competitive. They were lost to the Chiefs, 23-7, in Super Bowl IV during the 1969 season. The Dolphins crushed them, 24-7, in Super Bowl VII, just one year after Miami's flawless 1972 season. The Steelers prevailed in the Super Bowl IX in 1975, 16-6. Two years back, the Raiders finished the sweep with a 32-14 victory in Super Bowl XI.