The Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in 27 years. Last season, the team failed once again in the playoffs facing the San Francisco 49ers. Even with an improved defense, Dak Prescott couldn’t deliver.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions are one of the biggest surprises in 2023 with an 8-2 record. They are in total control of the NFC North and still have a great shot at home field advantage.

As it’s been a tradition for decades, the Dallas Cowboys and the Lions will play on Thanksgiving Day as part of Week 12 in the NFL. Mike McCarthy’s team will face the Commanders while Detroit will host the Green Bay Packers.

Why do the Cowboys and Lions play on Thanksgiving Day?

Watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day is one of the greatest traditions in football. The reason why both franchises appear on such a special day dates back to the 1930s and the 1960s.

In 1934, the Lions were really struggling to attract fans to their games. Considering that scenario, the team’s owner, George A. Richards, decided to schedule a game on Thanksgiving Day as a way to generate interest and boost attendance.

Of course, the idea was a resounding success and, from that moment on, the Detroit Lions were always part of the tradition to play on Thanksgiving Day except during World War II when the NFL briefly suspended those games.

More than three decades later, the Dallas Cowboys decided to follow the Lions’ path. In 1966, Tex Schramm, who was the general manager of the team, spoke about the idea with legendary head coach Tom Landry.

As a matter of fact, the Cowboys saw Thanksgiving Day as a massive chance to establish a holiday tradition associated with football. After many negotiations with the NFL, they made it permanent. Since 1978, the games have been hosted by Detroit and Dallas every year. The Lions get the early slot and Dallas the late afternoon slot.

For many decades, there were only two games scheduled for Thanksgiving Day always featuring the Lions and Cowboys. However, in recent years, a third game has been added to the Thanksgiving lineup, featuring different teams rotating each year. In 2023, it will be the San Francisco 49ers facing the Seattle Seahawks.

SURVEY Will the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year?

Will the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year?