Football is one of the greatest sports in the US and the NFL is the elite level for that sport. This competition is among others that are extremely popular in the country, and in other places of the world too. Specially due to the main event this league has, which is the Super Bowl

That famous game made the NFL very popular in many places where there isn't football not even in an amateur level. The defining match of every season reaches to an enormous amount of spectators all around the world, despite several of those outside the US may not know the rules nor the teams, as well as there other fans who do. 

Still, as it's a sport that is mostly known for this league, people who do not watch very often the games or didn't play it ever, may find it hard to understand some of the rules. One of those could be the scoring. Here we'll take a look into how many points is a touchdown.

The worth of a touchdown

In football, there are different ways of scoring. A team can do it with a touchdown, a field goal, or even a safety. A touchdown gives six points, and in this game it's like what a goal means for soccer. It's the best way of scoring, as it's the one that provides more points. It happens when any part of the ball crosses or is above the goal line and in possession of a player whose team aims at that end zone to score. It isn't necessary that the ball touches the end zone, like it happens with rugby.

But it doesn't end there, because they open the doors for more points. That's because after a touchdown, the team who scored has the opportunity to go for one extra point or two more. If they decide to kick looking to convert between the posts, that would give the possibility to add one point. Otherwise, if they go for a play to finish in the end zone, if the team complete it succesfuly it would result in two extra points. 

Still, there should be no mistakes regarding this. A touchdown gives six points, plus the chance to score one or two extra points. There can be many touchdowns in a football game and through different ways, such as when being on the offensive side by passing, running, also by returning a punt, or even when the team is defending, by a turnover.