Last season, Alex Smith has impressed everyone in the NFL after an incredible comeback year in which he performed amazingly even after all he had been through. That granted him the NFL Comeback Player of the Year 2020, having left behind serious injuries that could have finished Smith's career. 

Still, the veteran quarterback's brilliant return after overcoming terrific times wouldn't be enough to keep him a spot at the team. He and the Washington Football Team presumably will part ways, as the franchise would be cutting the 36-year-old.

That means that a new signal-caller may land at the capital city of the US to upgrade the team's performance. Even though Taylor Heinicke stood up in last season's playoffs, a more experienced QB could arrive to boost the team. Here we'll take a look into five potential replacements for Alex Smith at the Washington Football Team.

Cam Newton

Can Washington bring in Cam Newton to rejoin with Ron Rivera? (Getty).

The former Carolina Panthers' superstar named NFL MVP in 2015, now a free agent after failing to take the New England Patriots to last season's playoffs, may be a true candidate for Washington. Ron Rivera and him meeting again is a possibility that the coach didn't deny some time ago. This moment would be suitable for both parties to make the deal, as Newton may be looking for a chance that Washington can deliver while they would be adding an experienced first-choice QB.

Sam Darnold

Darnold struggled at the Jets and a move is a real possibility (Getty).

A move for this young quarterback who couldn't perform at his best at the struggling New York Jets could be possible, depending on which are the conditions of a trade offer. He may be looking for a new team and Washington could be a good match. However, there has to be an attractive offer to his current team.

Marcus Mariota

Mariota could take a chance to become a starter, like in his days at the Titans(Getty).

Former Tennessee Titans QB and current back-up at Oakland Raiders, Mariota could be another option for Washington as a less expensive move and even more probable, as the Raiders presumably will be open to negociate him. However, he may not be the most desired candidate for the starting QB role. 

Jimmy Garoppolo

As Jimmy G probably will leave San Francisco, Washington could suit him (Getty).

Garoppolo could use a great defense in his team, like when he and the 49ers got to the Super Bowl LIV. As he and San Francisco will probably take separate ways, and while the Patriots look as a potential destination for Jimmy G,  Washington can offer that important factor of a strong defense for Garoppolo, who can fill the vacancy after Smith's exit.

Deshaun Watson

Watson would be a huge signing, but he is the less likely candidate (Getty).

As the Houston Texans started to fall apart while their stars moved to new places, now Deshaun Watson may be one more to that list. Another possible QB that is being linked with several NFL franchises, he would turn Washington into serious title contenders. No doubt that the would be a boost to the nation's capital city team, but it is true that he has a lot of options to decide where to go. It would be a dream move for Washington, but there's a lot of competition to get him.