How many times have you not received a pass, eluded three defenders, shot on goal and scored. Your country wins the FIFA World Cup thanks to you; suddenly, you are startled by a loud bang: it's your annoying alarm telling you to wake up from your slumber. If you want to attend Qatar 2022 and you feel identified with this story, this article is for you. 

During the upcoming FIFA World Cup there will be an unprecedented event that will allow you to finally fulfill your biggest dream and longing as a soccer fan and lover. That is to play a tournament of this magnitude in which you will represent your country. 

We will present you everything about the Fans Cup, the tournament for fans that will take place during Qatar 2022, in which several lucky fans will be able to play a similar World Cup with the opportunity to lead their country to glory. 

What is the Fans Cup to be played in Qatar 2022?

It is a tournament organized by the organizing committee of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in which fans of the 32 National Teams qualified to Qatar 2022 will have the opportunity to play a replica tournament (same format) that will be played within the official dates.

The modality of the competition is known as 5-a-side soccer, i.e. the teams that will represent the qualified countries to the World Cup will be formed by a goalkeeper and 4 field players. Action and fun guaranteed while enjoying the most prestigious tournament in the world of soccer. 

When and where will the Fans Cup be played?

This is where the experience is a bit different from what professional footballers experience when they play in a World Cup. This tournament will take place at the FIFA Fan Fest Qatar 2022, which will be located at Al Bidda Park in Doha. 

Unlike Qatar 2022, which will last from November 20 to December 18, the Fans Cup will be held from November 29 to December 2, when the professionals will be playing their last round of Group stage matches. 

Who can participate in the Qatar 2022 Fans Cup?

First of all, only fans over 18 years of age who attend the upcoming FIFA World Cup will be eligible to participate. Then, applicants must already have a ticket (or tickets) for a match as well as accommodation and flight, as playing in this tournament does not provide flights, accommodation or tickets to any Qatar 2022 match.

Then, one of the filters that will make the selected players to play the Fans Cup live the most is the nationality. Only fans duly accredited as citizens of one of the 32 National Teams that will participate in the upcoming FIFA World Cup will be eligible to play in this tournament. Fair it is to say that in the FAQS or any other official information about the Fans Cup it is not specified if there will be a genre restriction.

How to register for the Fans Cup of the upcoming World Cup?

It is possible to register for this tournament through the official website of the Qatar 2022 Organizing Committee. You will be able to register your application as well as that of your team, if you have one. Each registered team must have a minimum of 7 players (5 starters and 2 substitutes).

By accessing this url, you will have to provide the following data for each player of your team: full name, age, Hayya Card number, nationality, country of residence, passport number, telephone number with country dialing code, email and soccer skills rating. You must also show a photo or video of the team, choose the Qatar 2022 qualified team you want to represent, explain in less than 250 words why you want to participate in the Fans Cup and confirm that you will be at the World Cup country host by Monday, November 28 at 11 pm on Friday, December 2. 

Will there be prizes for the winner of the Fans Cup?

As is the case for the winner of the FIFA World Cup, and Qatar 2022 will be no exception, there will be prizes and rewards. However, to find out about them you have to complete the registration process for your team (or simply for yourself if you wish to be considered to join one of the teams registering from your country), and wait for the 32 squads that will compete for the amateur glory of this tournament to be chosen. Train hard, good luck and may the best team win!