Chivas and Monterrey were set to play on Saturday for Matchday 12 of the 2022 Liga MX Torneo Clausura. However, they will have to wait a little longer to resume the competition after the international FIFA date

Guadalajara are currently sitting in 10th place in the standings, with 13 points so far. Meanwhile, Los Rayados are seventh with 17 points in the table. Neither of them won their last match and they will want to return to winning ways. 

Chivas won’t play until April 9, when on Matchday 13 they will be visiting the Toluca team. On the other hand, Monterrey will play on April 6 also against Toluca. Here, check out why their Matchday 12 encounter was postponed and when they will face each other. 

Chivas vs Monterrey: When will they play Matchday 12 of 2022 Liga MX?

These two teams will face each other on Wednesday April 13 at the Akron Stadium at 9 PM ET. The match was postponed due to the bad condition of the grass of the stadium, which has undergone a lot of activity in the last two weeks. 

The Akron Stadium held a Omnilife event on the weekend of March 19 and 20. However, the stage on the field was immediately removed so that Chivas Femenil and Tapatío will play their duels on March 21 and 22, respectively.

In addition to that, Coldplay will be performing on Tuesday March 29 and Wednesday 30 at the Akron Stadium. There wouldn’t be much time to remove the stage for these two teams to play. Now, both Monterrey and Chivas will have a packed schedule for next week.