Liverpool are undoubtedly one of the best soccer teams in the world. However, the club's history became even bigger when Jürgen Klopp became the Reds' manager in the 2015-2016 season.

The German coach began a restructuring that led the team to win five titles, a Premier League (2020), an EFL Cup (2022), a Champions League (2019), a UEFA Super Cup (2019), and a FIFA Club World Cup (2019).

The club's great successes made many sponsors want to be part of the institution and appear on the team's jersey. The club's main sponsors are Nike, Axa, and Expedia. Liverpool has more than 20 partners. Furthermore, according to the Daily Mail, Liverpool are negotiating a new shirt sponsorship deal.

Liverpool's shirt sponsor    

Liverpool's jersey currently bears on its chest the name of 'Standard Chartered', a British financial services company with which it have signed a deal until the end of the 2022-23 season for £40 million a year (about 47,000,000 euros).

However, it seems that both the bank and Liverpool are satisfied with their business relationship and, according to the English newspaper, have begun talks to extend their collaboration in the future.

Liverpool's new agreement with shirt sponsor

Year by year, Liverpool continues to improve in terms of soccer. They are currently in second place in the Premier League standings with 82 points, are in the Champions League Semi-final, and will play the FA Cup Final.

That’s why the club have increased their demands, so Standard Chartered would have to double their offer of 40 million pounds (about 47,000,000 euros) to remain linked to Liverpool´s outfit.

According to Daily Mail, Liverpool are demanding £80 million (95,000,000 euros) per season, which would make the Reds' shirt the most expensive in world soccer.