Deion Sanders had an amazing start of the season as head coach at Colorado. The former star of the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers led his team to a major upset with a 45-42 win against TCU on the road and then got victories over Nebraska and Colorado State.

However, the downfall began with consecutive losses facing contenders like Oregon and USC. Since that moment, the Buffaloes couldn’t recover and ended their season suffering eight defeats in their last nine games.

Despite being very close of becoming bowl eligible, the dream is over after a crushing 23-17 loss to Utah. Once again, Colorado had a chance to surprise college football, but they faltered in crucial moments. Coach Prime, with all his experience in the NFL, is really confident about next season.

“You’re gonna be pleased with what’s coming. I promise you that. It’s time to start projecting and start thinking about the tomorrow already. Everything you see that we have a lack thereof, a deficit, we’re gonna fill that need.”

Deion Sanders warns Colorado are coming in 2024

Even after finishing the season with six consecutive losses, Deion Sanders believes Colorado will become a contender next season when they move from Pac 12 to the Big 12. This was his answer when asked about what percentage of the possible additions will come from the transfer board to help quarterback Shedeur Sanders.

“A plethora. We want to win now. Right? I don’t mind putting the high school kids in the microwave and let them warm up a little bit. I don’t mind that. But you got to understand what you really get out of that. What we need for Shedeur, we know where to find it. It ain’t hard to find.”

Deion Sanders believes the future is bright for Colorado

Coach Prime thanked all fans who believe he has established a great foundation for what’s to come for the program. That’s why he is already looking for big moves in 2024.

“The foundation is a little shaky in certain areas, but we’re certainly headed in the right direction. We’re certainly trending for it. We got our butts kicked twice this year of 12 games (Oregon and Washington State). Every other game, we had a shot. I think that’s progress. We’re getting ready to start cooking. Ready to start to go pick that grocery.”

How much money Deion Sanders makes at Colorado?

A few months ago, Deion Sanders signed a five-year, $29.5 million contract with Colorado. Most of that money came from fans donations who wanted a star leading the program. They believed.

In his first season, Coach Prime will make at least $5.5 million. It’s the biggest contract in program’s history. Of course, there were a lot of incentives which could boost the final number.

Will Colorado play a bowl game this season?

At the beginning of the season, that goal seemed within reach thanks to four wins in their first six games. Now, with a record of 4-8, it’s not going to happen for Colorado.

Colorado needed at least a 6-6 record to become bowl eligible. However, their schedule had a brutal ending with UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona, Washington State and Utah.

SURVEY Will Deion Sanders win a national championship with Colorado?

Will Deion Sanders win a national championship with Colorado?