The Golden State Warriors should be thankful that Curry returned to his natural state during the finals and even more so with Klay Thompson returning just in time to join the team before the 2022 NBA Finals.

Four rings sounds easy but Steph Curry didn't win those rings overnight as he had to play through eight postseasons to win the titles. His first two postseasons were titleless but after Steve Kerr arrived in 2015 things changed for the better, that year he set his first three-pointers record in an NBA postseason.

Curry's best three-pointer season was the 2011-12 NBA season with a 45.5% shooting percentage and slightly less during the 2015-16 season with 45.4% threes. His worst threes season was in 2019 with 24.5%.

Curry set another threes record during the 2022 NBA Finals

Steph Curry isn't the only three-pointer shooter for the Golden State Warriors, he and Klay Thompson are known as the Splash Brothers and both have a collection of ten three-pointer playoff runs records of all-time from 2016 onwards.

Most three pointers during NBA playoffs run
Rank Player 3-Pointers Year
1. Stephen Curry 98 2015
  Klay Thompson 98 2016
3. Stephen Curry 92 2019
4. Stephen Curry 91 2022*
5. Stephen Curry 80 2016
6. Jayson Tatum 77 2022*
  Klay Thompson 77 2022*
8. Stephen Curry 72 2017
9. Klay Thompson 70 2019
10. Klay Thompson 67 2018
11. J.R. Smith (r) 65 2016
12. Stephen Curry 64 2018

During the 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, Curry scored 7 of 14 threes (games 1 & 4), and the only game during this round where he did not score a single three was in Game 5 with 9 threes attempts and no conversions.