The sixth game of the NBA Conference Finals was shocking, Miami Heat never gave up, but Jimmy Butler was the man who changed Miami’s destiny in a game that before the start had the Celtics as favorites.

Jimmy’s is playing another good postseason with the Miami Heat similar to his first season with the team in the 2019-20 season where he set a new personal best with 21 postseason games but no NBA Championship.

Only eight players have been able to score close to fifty points or more in an elimination game in the NBA playoffs. Number one obviously is Wilt Chamberlain with 56 and 53 points, he has the first and second spots.

Which playoff record list did Jimmy Butler enter?

Jimmy Butler is now the 8th NBA player with the most points in a single NBA playoff game with 47 points in the win over the Boston Celtics. But on that list only three are active players in the NBA, one is Kevin Durant with 48 points in the 7th spot and another is Jamal Murray with 50 points tied in the 4th spot with Chamberlain.

The list is made up of Wilt Chamberlain #1 and #2, Sleepy Floyd #3, Jamal Murray and Wilt Chamberlain #4, Hakeem Olajuwon #5, Kevin Durant #6, Jimmy Butler #7. It's unlikely anyone could break Chamberlain's record.