It seems like a matter of time to see Aaron Rodgers wearing a New York Jets jersey. Although the quarterback is really interested in playing for them, they have not closed the deal. However, the AFC East team has played its last card to convince him to join their cause soon.

Aaron Rodgers' time with the Green Bay Packers is soon to end. He revealed his intentions of playing for the Jets, but they must make a good offer to the NFC North squad in order to complete the trade.

The deal is not closed yet, but it seems like the Jets are already warming up for Rodgers' arrival. Now, the team's front office is preparing a bold move in order to let the quarterback know they want him soon.

Jets use their last card to convince Aaron Rodgers to sign with them

The veteran quarterback the Jets were looking for seems to be close. Aaron Rodgers has expressed his intentions of playing for New York in 2023. However, the AFC East team must reach an agreement with the Packers in order to seal the trade.

Even though the Jets don't have Rodgers yet, they are preparing for the quarterback's arrival. New York has already signed multiple players that Aaron wants at the Big Apple, but now the front office is trying to add one last weapon to finally convince him.

SNY's Connor Hughes shared that the New York Jets are really interested in signing Odell Beckham Jr., one of the wide receivers Rodgers reportedly asked the team to add in order to join them.

Elijah Moore recently left the Jets and was traded to the Browns. There's a spot for a new wide receiver and Beckham Jr., who is a free agent, could take his place and finally play alongside Rodgers.