The whole soccer fandom is already dreaming about the next FIFA World Cup. For the visitors, it will be mandatory to have a Hayya Card, a credential that will track them through their journey in Qatar 2022, but can anyone without tickets get it?

For this edition of soccer's biggest tournament, the organizers searched for a way to keep control of the fans. In previous years, some people tried to avoid the laws of the host country and got in troubles, but the Hayya Card is the way to avoid these problems.

Qatar has some strict rules and laws. The country teamed up with FIFA to create the Hayya Card, an unique credential to know exactly who would visit the nation and, if they get in troubles, take away their tickets or accommodations, but are they the only ones that will be tracked?

Can anyone without tickets get a Hayya Card for Qatar 2022?

The Hayya Card is the most recent creation by FIFA for the World Cup. This is a credential where all the fans must put their information in order to attend to Qatar 2022 and enjoy all the experience.

Once they revealed the creation of the credential, fans that were interested in going to the World Cup must register to get a Hayya Card. One important thing is to put their accommodation so the country would know that there is a place where the fans would stay during the tournament.

Another relevant aspect was, of course, to buy tickets for any match. The whole idea of creating the Hayya Card was to keep track on every single fan that goes to a stadium. This would help both the country and the organizers to know precisely who will go and their information in case of an emergency.

But after some time, the host country decided to change the rules for the Hayya Card. First, only ticket-holders could apply for this credential, but they thought about the relevance of tourism outside the stadiums.

Recently, the organizers opened the opportunity for non-ticket-holders to get their Hayya Card. The visitor who will go to games has the chance to register up to three more persons to join their journey.

For 500 QAR per person, those who won't go to matches but still want to live the experience can be registered. Of course, they will have to put all their information as the ticket-holder to get their Hayya Card.

The process is very simple. The ticket-holder must open his/her Hayya Card and click where it says "Action". Then, click on "Hayya with me", register up to three persons, pay the fee and that's it. Simple as that.

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