It's been a few days since the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers pulled off a blockbuster trade on the deadline day that involved James Harden and Ben Simmons. But the noise is still loud.

On Tuesday, the Beard spoke for the first time as a Sixer, shortly after the Australian was introduced by the Nets. A lot has been said about his departure from Brooklyn, with many reports claiming that he wanted out because of Kyrie Irving.

Unsurprisingly, Harden addressed this subject in his introductory press conference in Philadelphia, explaining that the reason behind his decision to leave the Nets was not about Kyrie.

James Harden says he didn't leave Nets because of Irving, but disagrees with KD

For days, there was serious speculation that Harden requested a trade from the Nets because he didn't want to be around Irving anymore. However, Harden not only denied those rumors but he also said they still have a good relationship.

“Very minimal, and obviously me and Ky are really good friends,” Harden said when asked about the influence of Irving in his departure, per the New York Post. “Whatever he was going through or is still going through, that’s his personal preference."

However, Harden disagreed with Kevin Durant, who said that Kyrie's part-time role with the team for being unvaccinated didn't affect the Nets. “But it definitely did impact the team," Harden said. "Because originally me, Kyrie and KD [Kevin Durant] on the court — and winning covers up a lot of that stuff — but it was unfortunate that we played 16 games out of whatever it was. It is what it is but [being] here in Philly is an opportunity that I’m looking forward to.”

James Harden reveals why he wanted to be in Philadelphia

Another talking point, of course, has been why did Harden want to join the Sixers. If Irving had nothing to do in his desire to leave Brooklyn, what was it? Well, the Beard revealed that he wanted to be in Philly for a long time. Even last year, before he ended up being traded to the Nets.

Originally, when I was going through everything that I was going through in Houston, Philly was my first choice," Harden said, per Fadeaway World. "It just didn't happen. I really don't want to get into the Brooklyn situation. I just knew for a very long time this was the perfect fit. Obviously, you have the best big man in the league in Joel. And obviously the coaching... I'm just happy and blessed that I'm here, as Doc and everybody knows, and everybody wants to win, to be the last team standing, so I'm excited for that opportunity."