Anyone who doesn't know Bill Belichick knows nothing about football, he is the head coach with the most Super Bowl titles and rings in NFL history. No other head coach has been able to win as much as him, the Patriots and Tom Brady were the key to most of Belichick's records.

After Tom Brady left the Patriots things changed for Belichick as he had to find a new quarterback from the NFL draft (Mac Jones) to adapt to his game plan, the first season was a failure, but in the second year Belichick, the Patriots and their new quarterback reached the playoffs.

Belichick's records will stand for decades and it's unlikely another head coach would be able to do what he did without Tom Brady by his side. But Belichick still has a few NFL records to break and he's likely to do it in the next 5 seasons.

What are the records that Belichick could break?

Bill Belichick is 70 years old and that's already a record as a head coach in the NFL, but another active head coach is Pete Caroll (Seahawks). If Belichick continues to work with the Patriots in the next 2-4 years he could easily displace the oldest head coach.

1. Crennel (Texans interim HC) was the NFL's oldest head coach at 73 years. To break that record, Belichick would have to work until 2024 as a league head coach, but Pete Carroll must retire sooner.

2. Marv Levy holds a record as the head coach with the most wins (33) after age 69, plus he won a playoff game at age 70. Carroll could break that record before Belichick in 2022 if the Seahawks play and win in the playoffs.

3. 10-wins season at the age of 69 was the record that Belichick broke during the 2021-22 NFL season, that record matched Levy's 10-win by a 69 or older head coach in the league, in the upcoming 2022 season Belichick could set a new record.

4. 33-wins as the oldest head coach at the age of 70 or more, this would be the ultimate record for Belichick since Marv Levy won 33 games, in this case Belichick needs 3 more years in the NFL and an average of 7+ wins per season to reach that mark (he already has 10 wins from the 2021 season).