The National Football League has been shaken up by the class action lawsuit filed by former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores against the league and all 32 teams alleging racial discrimination against Black head coaches and executives. And it seems like Bill Belichick accidentally provided evidence. 

The suit was filed in the Southern District of New York and claims that the Giants made an interview with Flores for the head coach position, despite having already chosen Brian Daboll for the job. According to Flores, his interview was a “sham” to make it seem like the team complies with the ‘Rooney Rule’. 

This rule compels teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching and General Management jobs. While the Giants already denied the allegations in a statement, saying that Flores was “in the conversation to be our head coach until the eleventh hour”, the suit cites text messages from New England Patriots coach Belichick to support the claims. 

What did Belichick say to Flores in the text messages? 

Flores previously worked with Belichick as a defensive coordinator in New England. According to screenshots of the SMS, published in the complaint document presented to the Court, Belichick congratulated Flores for getting the Giants job, but he hadn’t been interviewed yet. The following day, Belichick corrects himself, saying he meant Daboll. 

“Got it - I hear from Buffalo & NYG that you are their guy. Hope it works out if you want it to!!”, Belichick said to Flores, who replied that that was “definitely” what he wanted. However, he then asked Belichick if he was sure he was talking to him or Brian Daboll. To that, Belichick replied: “Sorry - I f***** this up. I double checked and I misread the text. I think they are naming Daboll. I’m sorry about that. BB.” 

Flores, 40, was fired as head coach of the Dolphins this offseason, which was a surprise to many. Besides being interviewed by the Giants, he also has had interviews with the Chicago Bears (who hired Matt Eberflus) and Houston Texans, who haven’t named a new head coach yet.