Los Angeles Rams went from an epic 2021 season to a total disaster this year. Now, their season might have ended with Cooper Kupp's injury and the team might be already thinking about tanking with half the campaign ahead.

After winning the Super Bowl LVI, everybody expected the Rams to have a great 2022 season. Unfortunately, it has been far from it and now the team is really suffering in the NFC West.

With a 3-6 record after 10 weeks, Los Angeles Rams are at the bottom of their Division. Now, with Cooper Kupp injured, they might be already thinking ahead and tank for the rest of the season.

Cooper Kupp's injury might change the rest of the season for the LA Rams

Cooper Kupp is, undoubtedly, one of the best wide receivers in the NFL nowadays. He has been the best player for the Rams lately, with the team relying too much in what he could do each game.

Unfortunately, the wide receiver has been dealing with staying healthy this year due to that workload. Now, he got injured in Week 10 and things doesn't look good for Los Angeles.

During the game against the Arizona Cardinals, Cooper Kupp received a pass, landed, but when he did, his leg got tangled up with cornerback Marco Wilson. He immediately asked for help and went to the locker room.

With the possibility of losing their biggest star, the Rams might think about tanking for the rest of the season. Some fans asked the front office to sign Odell Beckham Jr. again, but with a 3-6 record it wouldn't be logical neither for the team nor for the player to make this move.

The idea about tanking would be an interesting move for LA. It is true that they don't have a first-round pick in 2023 (theirs belong to Detroit Lions due to Matthew Stafford's move), but they could think about future trades or better spots in second and third round.