In the Concacaf Qualifiers, Costa Rica is seen as a tough competitor and is always fighting for a spot to the FIFA World Cup. For Qatar 2022, the Central American team managed to advance in a tough year, keeping their hopes alive of doing a good tournament.

Qatar 2022 will be the last tournament in a 32-squad format. For this reason, it seems like it will be easier in the next editions to get a ticket to the FIFA World Cup, which also proves how difficult it has been for some in recent years.

Costa Rica is one of the 32 contestants for Qatar 2022. They are located in Group E alongside Spain, Germany and Japan in what seems to be the toughest of the competition, but of course they will try their best to advance to the next stage.

How did Costa Rica qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Costa Rica had a tough run in the 2022 Concacaf Qualifiers as they acquired their ticket in the last games. Unfortunately, they were not able to advance directly and had to go to the International Playoff match to win a spot in the tournament.

During the Qualifiers, they secured their spot in the final three rounds. With the fourth place and 25 points, they won half ticket to Qatar, but they had to face New Zealand to complete it.

In the International Playoff match, Costa Rica was seen as the clear favorite. It was not easy for the South American team, but won with a 1-0 score thanks to an early goal by Joel Campbell.

How many teams from North America qualified for Qatar 2022?

In Concacaf, there are three tickets available to advance directly to the FIFA World Cup and half of another that gives the fourth team the opportunity to play an International Playoff game. For this edition, Canada, United States and Mexicoqualified directly, while Costa Rica did it through the last mentioned way.