Sevilla is the team that has profited the most from the UEFA Europa League, they have six titles which is equivalent to a big paycheck after winning so many editions of the tournament. That money changed the destiny of Sevilla for the better, new players, facilities improvements, among other things.

But not only the UEL champion is paid, all teams get a small cut of the money pool, the percentages range from small amounts for teams that win or tie games to million-round figures for those who qualify for the different stages of the tournament.

Obviously the biggest prize money goes to the UEL champion, but the runner-ups, and the teams that played and lost in the semi-finals, and quarter-finals also get a nice paycheck. In general, all teams in the knockout stage get a cut from the money pool.

UEFA Europa League 2021-22 prize money: How much do the champions get?

The prize money for the UEL champions is €8,600,000 million euros, enough to buy a couple of talented young players from the Netherlands, Austria or Germany. In previous seasons the amount has varied a bit, but usually the UEL title winners prize gets close to €9m.

The losers of the final, runner-up, go home with a nice paycheck of €4,600,000, and the teams that win or lose in the semi-finals get €2,800,000, one million more compared to the quarter-finals and € 1.4m more than the RO16 teams.