Kevin Durant's trade request put NBA free agency and trades on hold. He'll be the first domino to fall, and things are likely to pick up once the Brooklyn Nets find him a new home, assuming that happens.

The Nets have set an asking price for their superstar that's nearly impossible to meet. That's not a coincidence, as they still hope K.D. realizes that he'll have the best shot at a ring if he decides to stay.

But according to the latest reports, Durant hasn't changed his mind about wanting to leave the franchise. If anything, he'll meet with Nets Governor Joe Tsai to let him know his demands face to face.

NBA News: Kevin Durant To Meet With Nets Owner Joe Tsai

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"What I'm hearing is that KD is going to meet with the owner this week," the source told Heavy Sports. "He's going to go directly to the owner, Joe Tsai, sometime this week. We'll see how that works."

Whether the intent of the meeting is to smooth over a relationship that suffered at least a hairline fracture when Durant, with four years left on his contract, asked to be traded is uncertain.

"I don't know," said the exec. "I have no idea what's going to come of that meeting. There are some things that KD is unhappy about, and I'm not sure any of that gets fixed here. But maybe it does." The Brooklyn Nets want Kevin Durant to reconsider his stance. So, the two-time NBA champion will have a sit-down with Governor Joe Tsai this week."

There's always the chance that Tsai will manage to convince Durant to stay. You never know what happens behind closed doors, what promises are made, and what it takes to make a millionaire athlete happy.

So, will Durant switch sides or not? I guess we'll have to wait and see.