Time is running out for Odell Beckham Jr. and it seems like his chances of playing this year are decreasing. The former Los Angeles Rams player visited the first team that was interested in him, but received no offer by them at the end of their reunion.

This 2022 has been an absolut roller coaster for OBJ. He signed for the Los Angeles Rams in 2021 and helped them get to the Super Bowl LVI, but he torned his ACL in the big game and had to see it outside the field.

After several months in recovery, Odell Beckham Jr. received the medical clearance to play. Some teams were interested in him and reached the player, but in his first try, he received a huge denial by them.

Dallas Cowboys refuse to give Odell Beckham Jr. an offer after his visit

Odell Beckham Jr. was one of the main targets for the Dallas Cowboys. Several players sent him a clear invite to join the Lonely Star, but he didn't gave the team a very good first impression.

The Dallas Cowboys invited Odell Beckham Jr. this Tuesday, November 7, in order to talk to him and see if he's in good shape. Unfortunately, he refused to work out with the team even with the medical clearance.

According to NFL Network's Jane Slater, the Cowboys didn't made an offer to Odell Beckham Jr. after his visit after they couldn't see if he's ready to play. The wide receiver has said he will gear up until gameday.

Of course this situation frightens everybody and that's why the Cowboys refused to give him an offer. The medical clearance is important, but not everything. They must see how the player develops on the field and if he's confident after a serious injury like a torn ACL.

After Cowboys' denial, it is turn for the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills to talk with OBJ. But the player will stick to his idea and he won't practice with any of those teams, even if that means getting no offer by them this 2022.