Ecuador and Senegal will play a big Group A game that will define which of the two will win the second spot of the standings within the group.

Ecuador is favorite since they did not lose any of the first two games during the first week of the Group Stage round.

Senegal failed against Group A's big favorite Netherlands, they lost that game 0-2 in what was a heavy blow for Senegal and their aspirations to reach the Knockout Stage.

Who is the referee of the Ecuador vs Senegal game?

Clément Turpin will be the referee for this game, he has international experience since 2010, his first World Cup was in 2014 and the most recent was the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Another point in favor of Turpin is that he has domestic experience since 2006 working in the local league of the country where he was born, France.

Only three World Cup games for Turpin as referee with a total of eight yellow cards and no red cards for an average of 2.7 yellow cards per game. During the 2018 World Cup, Turpin used six yellow cards to book players.