Even though he lost all of his UFC fights in 2021, Conor McGregor has a winning streak outside the octagon: specifically, in the money game. He has revealed on his social media that he was the highest-earning athlete per minute in 2021 over other superstars such as Canelo Alvarez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Tom Brady.

A common UFC clash lasts only 3 rounds of 5 minutes each; title fights or main events extend up to 5 rounds with the same duration. Compared to other sports and disciplines, The Notorious does not have to spend so much time at work.

McGregor has just been 7 minutes and 32 seconds in the octagon in 2021, and he has earned the scandalous amount of $8.6 million per minute, no matter his results. He may be far away from his best sports shape, but Conor is an elite money-maker.

The list of the highest-earning athletes per minute in 2021

Saul Canelo Alvarez. The best boxer in the world appears in the second place of this list after Conor McGregor. Canelo has had much more action than The Notorious with 3 fights held in 2021, all of them lasting more than 2 rounds. At the very end, the Mexican fighter has received $444,000 for every 60 seconds he spent in the ring. 

Tom Brady. A true legend of football, a sport with huge physical wear. Brady was third among the highest-earning athletes in 2021 because he has "just" reached $37,000 per minute. However, according to Sporting News, Tom Terrific's final earnings of the year were more than $41 million.

Neymar. The Brazilian ace has not achieved yet to take PSG to win a Champions League title. Nevertheless, his bank account has triumphed in 2021. For every minute in the field, the former Barcelona player received $32,000. 

Cristiano Ronaldo. Moving to Manchester United may have not been the best decision for CR7 considering only the sports glory, but in the money game, the Portuguese performance as a Red Devil is still in the elite. Ronaldo earned $18,000 per minute in 2021, not bad at all.