The recent success of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA has resonated with the Los Angeles Lakers. Their new coach, Darvin Ham, is aware of it and that is why he has designed implementations for his team, among which stands out a special concession to the star of his team, LeBron James, which the rest of his teammates would not enjoy. 

And this would include the other two strong cards in the Los Angeles team's deck for the upcoming NBA season, in which they seek to regain the throne: power forward or center Anthony Davis and the controversial point-guard Russell Westbrook.

However, there is still some doubt that Westbrook will remain with the team, as every week there are rumors of teams that would raise their hands to acquire his services after he did not have the expected impact with the Lakers in the 2021-2022 NBA season.

Darvin Ham and his blind faith in LeBron James

It is well known that Darvin Ham is a coach who prioritizes sacrifice and team play on the court from all members of his team. However, with LeBron James he would make a special concession that would allow the King to be the only Laker allowed to disobey him.

"I don't really know what sacrifice means for LeBron James on this Lakers team because if it means giving the ball up to other people, I'm not sure that's a good idea. I kind of want LeBron to have the ball basically all the time, every possession, run the show", stated Ham according to ESPN via Fade Away World.

Thus, neither Anthony Davis nor Russell Westbrook would have the freedom to let their inspiration guide them freely, as they would be forced to comply with specific functions indicated by Darvin Ham, such as the one that has already been pointed out that asks Westbrook to support with defensive duties.