The Cleveland Browns made one of the boldest moves of one of the wildest NFL offseasons we've seen in years. They didn't even wait to move Baker Mayfield before pulling off a trade for Deshaun Watson.

Watson sat out the past season amid big legal turmoil. He was facing nearly two dozen civil lawsuits for alleged sexual assault and was inactive all year. Moreover, he could still face a suspension despite being legally cleared.

But now, trade interest in Mayfield has all but disappeared. And, while it's clear that the franchise did him wrong, divisional rival Joe Burrow still believes they needed to take that risk and trade for Watson.

NFL News: Joe Burrow Says Browns Needed To Take A Risk With Deshaun Watson

“When you have a guy like Deshaun, you have to take a chance at that because he’s such a great player,” Burrow said on the 'Full Send' podcast. “But Baker is a really good player, he’ll land on his feet.”

Burrow Isn't Too Worried About Baker Mayfield

Burrow may not be pleased to have Watson in his same division. As for Mayfield, he knows he was hurt for most of the season and that he'll prove his worth once he gets another opportunity.

“He was hurt all last year and every time we play him, he balls,” Burrow said. “The first time we play him, week two of my rookie year, we lost like [35–30] or something, and the next time we play him, I throw 400 yards, he goes like [22-28] with five touchdowns. Goes on a two-minute drive, touchdown, won the game. I haven’t beat the Browns yet.”

Right now, it doesn't seem like any team will pull the trigger on Mayfield at this point, but that could change if the Browns waive him and his big contract. Whether that'll happen or not, remains to be seen.