The Cleveland Browns have a huge problem for the start of the 2022 season. His quarterback, Deshaun Watson, is NFL's main target before the next campaign as they want a bigger suspension for him. Despite this situation, the league offered a settlement that would change things up for him, but he didn't accept it and now he is in big trouble.

Deshaun Watson has been acused by two dozens of women of sexual misconduct in Texas. According to their statements, he did this during some massage treatments while he was playing for the Houston Texans. The league's personal conduct policy was violated by the quarterback, so the NFL intends to suspend him.

After it was stablished a six-game suspension to Watson, the NFL is not comfortable with it and is now looking for a bigger punishment to the Browns player. Despite that, there was a moment where the league offered a settlement that would have been the best option for the quarterback.

NFL offered a settlement to Deshaun Watson to suspend him for less than a year

Although Judge Sue Robinson established a six-game suspension for Deshaun Watson, commissioner Roger Goodell was not satisfied with the decision and has appealed it to make it bigger. But despite that, there was a time when the NFL offered a settlement to the quarterback to make both parts happy.

According to ESPN and Sports Illustrated, the National Football League made a settlement offer to Deshaun Watson that would have suspended him for 12 games with a $8 million to $10 million fine.

This offer was not accepted by Deshaun Watson's side as they were not thrilled about the idea of him being suspended more than eight games. Also, the player wasn't willing to accept a heavy fine, per ESPN.

Apparently this move was not the brightest by Deshaun Watson. After not accepting it, now the NFL is looking for an indefinite suspension of at least one year, but there are big chances that both sides agree to another settlement near the initial 12 games that the league offered him.