The Arizona Cardinals shocked the football community when they released DeAndre Hopkins. Many expected the WR to be traded, but instead, they let him hit the free agency and choose his next team.

As soon as the news came out, D-Hop started to be linked with a number of potential destinations. The Patriots emerged as a logical landing spot, since they could use a wideout of his caliber.

Last year, the offense led by Mac Jones had many struggles, which is why is facing changes this offseason. Hopkins would make a lot of sense as WR1, but it looks like New England isn’t really a favorite to acquire his services.

Patriots may not sign DeAndre Hopkins

“New England could be interesting. New England has a need there,” NFL insider Adam Schefter said on his The Adam Schefter Podcast, via PatriotsWire. “But what I keep coming back to is that, in Houston, the man that traded DeAndre Hopkins was the then-Texans head coach Bill O’Brien. And who’s the Patriots offensive coordinator now? Bill O’Brien. I don’t think those two individuals, Bill O’Brien and DeAndre Hopkins, particularly cared for one another.

So now it’s okay? That they’re just going to go back and get back together and be alright working together? I don’t know about that. …I don’t know that New England is going to be atop his list. Now, it may be the one that makes the most financial sense, and if it is, then of course everybody can make it work. But I just don’t think we start out thinking that New England is going to be a top option, though in the end it could end up being the place that he lands.”

Schefter doesn’t rule out the Patriots as Hopkins’ next team, but the Bill O’Brien factor could play a part. But if they let bygones be bygones, Hopkins could become the weapon Jones needs to reach new heights.